Welcome to my site. I’m Grainne McLaughlin. I am an experienced yoga practitioner and massage therapist, with particular expertise in working with people with cancer and other medical conditions. I have been practising yoga for over 25 years, teaching it for over 13 years, and working as a massage therapist for almost 20 years.

I first encountered massage therapy as an active teenager who played a lot of sports at the time. My mother was doing a course in shiatsu massage and would relieve tensions in my body which I didn’t know existed!

In 1997 I trained as a massage therapist at the renowned Asten Centre of Natural Therapeutics, USA. It was an extensive full time course covering different modules of massage therapy, Swedish massage, sports therapy/deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, business and ethics.

In 1998, while living in Galway and practicing yoga, I discovered the richness and dept of practices from the Satyananada yoga, Bihar school of yoga teachings. I was in a very depressed state and although I had a basic knowledge of the physical yoga practices (known as asanas), I realised that by cultivating a daily practice I could increase my energy and somehow my mind became more at peace.

Through working with the meditation practices, particularly Antar Mouna (inner silence), I gradually began to see the patterns of the mind and was enabled to drop ones that weren’t serving me and to cultivate new, more positive attitudes. I was inspired by my teachers’ simple approach to life and realised that this was a path I wanted to pursue. In 2003 I completed an internationally-recognised two year (800 hour) yoga teacher training course in Galway.

I went on to visit and participate in daily life in ashrams in India and Europe and was initiated into Karma Sannyasa by Swami Satsangi, from the Bihar School of Yoga, India in 2010. Karma Sannyasa is a term which indicates that one strives to live a yogic lifestyle, a simplified way of living which utilises the yoga practices and philosophies to ultimately discover the source of endless strength and peace within. I took the yogic name Vedanta.

In my work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher I have been particularly drawn to working with people with cancer, having witnessed the physical, emotional and mental effects of cancer and its medical treatment on my partner when he became ill.

I worked as complementary therapist in Blackrock hospice, Co. Dublin for nine years and am a highly-qualified and empathetic palliative care and holistic worker. During this time I completed the international four year Sacred Art of Living and Dying Anam Cara apprenticeship programme qualifying as an end-of-life care giver and grief specialist.

I have specialised training in yoga for those with cancer and other medical conditions such as Parkinsons.

I also teach pregnancy yoga. I participated myself in pregnancy yoga classes when expecting my son, Cian, and immediately realised the benefits of practicing simple yoga techniques in a supportive environment with other pregnant women. I have completed specialised pregnancy yoga training with renowned teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and am accredited by Birthlight in the U.K. I enjoy and feel privileged to work with pregnant women at this very intimate time. I receive very positive and encouraging feedback from my pregancy yoga students on how the classes support them all the way from pregnancy through to labour and into the early years of motherhood.

I currently live in Ireland’s first ecovillage, in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. I have been involved in its development for 13 years and finally moved to Tipperary in 2014. This move continues my longing to be in community, living simply and respecting the earth.

I am constantly upgrading and learning new skills to bring to my massage clients and yoga students. I am highly motivated to share the amazing tool that is yoga. It has been invaluable in my life and it gives me great pleasure to teach and share it with others.